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Suzy Cato

HAMILTON - Schools Experience '23


HAMILTON “IN SCHOOLS” – This was an experience which our rangatahi/teens will not forget.

SparkARENA invited me to reach out to four Auckland Colleges and I was able to invite over 100 Drama, Music and Arts students to experience the live wonder of HAMILTON the live show.

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INSIDE DALI - Sounds Fun '22


Inside Dali – Sounds Fun is a FREE multimedia surrealist experience, for Intermediate School students, being held
at the Spark Arena.

In 2021 we combined the experience of Van Goh with exploration of making music for Primary School tamariki.

In ’22 we are grateful for the continued support of Spark Arena, who have again provided tickets so that rangatahi – teenagers of Tamaki Makaurau – Auckland can not only experience the  “Inside Dali” exhiibition, but they’ll also be taken on a exclusive “behind the scenes” tour to learn the hidden secrets of running a stadium the size of Spark Arena.

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Van Gogh - Sounds Fun '21


Van Gogh – Sounds Fun was the first FREE schools event that Suzy, Spark Arena created for Primary School aged tamariki, with the help of several wonderful partners, in 2021.

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